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With an innate focus to deliver consistent supreme quality, ethical and transparent business processes, ALTWUD aims to deliver all wood products under a single roof and its wide portfolio of products reinstates the same. ALTWUD is led by a vision to source the best raw materials to produce the best wood products which in turn create signature designs..

           With the right knowledge and guidance, ALTWUD is ready to take over the market and provide the best spacing and furniture solutions to it’s customers.

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The biggest challenge with natural wood is the width of the wooden member. It is limited to the trunk size of the tree. For example, if you are looking for a wood piece of large width to make a door or table surface, you will be forced to provide joints, as one single large piece is often difficult to find. And joining the wood pieces requires skilled workmanship and high labour costs. Under these circumstances, Plywood is the best alternative choice.


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